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Kerry eyes elevated plant-based indulgence with protein hydrolysates

2021-10-21 FoodIngredientsFirst 

Tag: Protein hydrolysates Kerry eyes plant-based indulgence


The plant-based food trend has been simmering for many years now, and there is little doubt that the waves of veganism and the demand for plant-based food and beverages will continue to get stronger. 

According to Kerry, this dynamic growth is creating innovation opportunities across a broad range of categories, including flavored waters, juices, smoothies, carbonated beverages and sugar confectioneries. 


Ahead of the company’s nclick="updateothersitehits('Articlepage','External','OtherSitelink','Kerry eyes elevated plant-based indulgence with protein hydrolysates','Kerry eyes elevated plant-based indulgence with protein hydrolysates','324511',';F:QS!10100&ShowUUID=E5D548BC-14FD-4471-BA3C-74C036661930&GroupID=Studio&AffiliateData=CNSarticle', 'article','Kerry eyes elevated plant-based indulgence with protein hydrolysates')">webinar next week, entitled “A step forward in plant-based indulgence with protein hydrolysates,” Kerry outlines how new product developers are well aware of the challenges encountered when developing plant-based food and beverages.

Consumers seek more plant-based options in their daily beverage choices, says Kerry.Addressing market challenges
The taste and nutrition company says that as consumers seek more plant-based options in their daily beverage choices, there is an opportunity to provide plant protein fortification in various beverage categories and, in turn, deliver on demands for healthy, on-the-go convenience beverages.

Market challenges are generally associated with taste and texture, highlights Kerry. A good strategy to improve the techno-functionality of proteins is hydrolysis processing as it can unlock challenges when formulating with plant proteins. 

Indeed, using protein hydrolysates to fortify refreshing beverages will solve most of the challenges associated with intact plant protein, such as solubility, clarity, viscosity, and low pH and heat stability.

Moreover, using protein hydrolysates in sugar confectionery will also provide “great aeration” while solving challenges associated with intact proteins such as solubility, clarity, viscosity and low pH and heat stability, Kerry points out. 

It is also expected that with diversification in plant protein sourcing and further technological advances in processing, additional plant protein hydrolysates benefits will be uncovered. 

A canvas for innovation?
Plant-based R&D – presented as a pivotal lever of the sustainable food movement – has refocused from mimicking meat, fish and dairy to optimizing and diversifying options. 

Acknowledging this shift, Innova Market Insights has pegged “Plant-based: The Canvas for Innovation” as its second Top Trend for 2022.

More consumers recognize plant-based alternatives as healthier and better for the planet. The appetite for diet variation is further boosting interest in this space, which led to a 59% increase in launches of new plant-based products in 2020 to August 2021.

On a global level, the market researcher sees that plant-based claims continue to show fast growth when looking at the trend line between 2016 and August 2021. It notes an “accelerated increase in the share of food and beverage launches featuring a plant-based claim during the COVID-19 pandemic.”Using protein hydrolysates in sugar confectionery will also provide “great aeration” while solving challenges associated with intact proteins.

This indicates that the pandemic strongly impacted the market, with consumer perception at the base of this and shaping the direction of plant-forward innovation. 

The proof is in the pudding
Meanwhile, two in five global consumers say that they are “more open to new technologies now that they have seen wher it has brought plant-based innovation.”

And, 31% of global consumers say that, in the past 12 months, they have treated themselves with premium versions of plant-based products more often. 

The functionality of hydrolyzed plant protein has been key to realizing these new beverage applications and there remains significant further potential for innovation, says Kerry. 

Kerry experts will delve deeper into these upcoming plant-based indulgence innovation opportunities in these specific categories in the webinar.


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